No, tumblr, I do not want to change my password. Go away. 


Let’s stop teaching people how to fake it and start teaching them how to have clean, pure hearts. Integrity beats conformity every day of the week.

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Dear God,

Hey how’s it going? It isn’t going too good down here with me. You obviously probably know that. You’re probably like “My poor child” or something. I don’t know. Things are real stressful right now and I just feel less than what You made me to feel like. I feel like a complete piece of poop stuck to someone’s shoe that has been stuck there getting smashed into the ground for like two weeks. I have been running from you, a lot.. I know I need to let You catch me and I just need to slow down. I just alfkewjafoiwneafo <—- That’s me not knowing how to put my thoughts into words. I have been just giving up on a lot lately. Like my grades are falling to C’s and I don’t seem to care. I don’t feel any pain right now. Just numb. I mean, I’m completely unstable with literally everything. Emotionally and physically but that’s normal for a girl who keeps everything bottled inside. I know what Your word says but I”m going to be honest, I constantly feel worthless and like I’m useless and can’t do much and I just can’t see myself the way You do. Which really sucks. Just everything is like a big ball of poopy in my life My feelings that is. I don’t even know where I am going with this. I guess I’m just trying to talk to you like I would a best friend. I wish I could get everything out that I’m feeling right now but I can’t even form that into words. It would be a lot of keyboard smashing and you can’t really type tears.. 
I’ll talk to you later, I guess. Love you, daddy. 
Your daughter, Britt. 

If anybody is going to make me feel even worse about myself for breaking up with Wesley please do it now while I feel like crap already. 


When something is done to me, I forgive right away, but I don’t let the person forget what they did and I feel like that’s an issue. I either need a softer heart or better discernment about the people I let in my life.